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2017-2017 Archive

Oct, 2017 - Critical paper:  The Black Prince
                 Biographical essay:  Iris Murdoch

Nov, 2017 - Critical paper: Brave New World
                 Biographical essay:  Aldous Huxley

Dec, 2017 - Critical paper:  10:04
                 Biographical essay:  Ben Lerner

Jan, 2018 - Critical paper:  The Bridge of San Luis Rey
                 Biographical essay:  Thornton Wilder

Feb, 2018 - Critical paper:  Moonglow
                 Biographical essay:  Michael Chabon

Mar, 2018 - Critical paper:  The Magus
                 Biographical essay:  John Fowles

Apr, 2018 - Critical paper:  My Brilliant Friend
                 Biographical essay:  Elena Ferrante

May, 2018 - Critical paper:  Lady Susan
                 Biographical essay:  Jane Austen

Jun, 2018 - Critical paper:  A Handful of Dust
                 Biographical essay:  Evelyn Waugh

2016-2017 Archive

Oct, 2016 - Critical paper:  The View from Castle Rock
                 Biographical essay:  Alice Munro

Nov, 2016 - Critical paper: Mario and the Magician
                 Biographical essay:  Thomas Mann

Dec, 2016 - Critical paper:  The Secret Sharer
                 Biographical essay:  Joseph Conrad

Jan, 2017 - Critical paper:  The Stranger/The Meursault Investigation
                 Biographical essay:  Albert Camus/Kamel Daoud

Feb, 2017 - Critical paper:  Don Quixote
                 Biographical essay:  Miguel de Cervantes

Mar, 2017 - Critical paper:  Euphoria
                 Biographical essay:  Lily King

Apr, 2017 - Critical paper:  The House of Mirth
                 Biographical essay:  Edith Wharton

May, 2017 - Critical paper:  Cards of Identity
                 Biographical essay:  Nigel Dennis

Jun, 2017 - Critical paper:  David Copperfield
                 Biographical essay:  Charles Dickens

2015-2016 Archive

Oct, 2015 - Critical paper:  A Farewell to Arms
                 Biographical essay:  Ernest Hemingway

Nov, 2015 - Critical paper:  The Brothers Karamazov
                 Biographical essay:  Fyodor Dostoevsky

Dec, 2015 - Critical paper:  Birdsong
                 Biographical essay:  Sebastian Faulks

Jan, 2016 - Critical paper:  Rabbit, Run
                 Biographical essay:  John Updike

Feb, 2016 - Critical paper:  All the Light We Cannot See
                 Biographical essay:  Anthony Doerr

Mar, 2016 - Critical paper:  Mrs. Dalloway
                 Biographical essay:  Virginia Woolf

Apr, 2016 - Critical paper:  The Ghost Road
                 Biographical essay:  Pat Barker

May, 2016 - Critical paper:  The Blue Flower
                 Biographical essay:  Penelope Fitzgerald

Jun, 2016 - Critical paper:  The Ambassadors
                 Biographical essay:  Henry James

2014-2015 Archive

Oct, 2014 - Critical paper:  The Assistant
                 Biographical essay:  Bernard Malamud

Nov, 2014 - Critical paper:  The Space between Us
                 Biographical essay:  Thriti Umrigar 

Dec, 2014 - Critical paper:  Fathers and Sons
                 Biographical essay:  Ivan Turgenev  

Jan, 2015 - Critical paper:  Death Comes for the Archbishop
                 Biographical essay:  Willa Cather 

Feb, 2015 - Critical paper:  Hadji Murad
                 Biographical essay:  Leo Tolstoy

Mar, 2015 - Critical paper:  Le Pere Goriot
                 Biographical essay:  Honore de Balzac

Apr, 2015 - Critical paper:  Let the Great World Spin
                 Biographical essay:  Colum McCann

May, 2015 - Critical paper:  Austerlitz
                 Biographical essay:  W. G. Sebald

Jun, 2015 - Critical paper:  The Sense of an Ending
                 Biographical essay:  Julian Barnes


2013-2014 Archive

Oct, 2013 - Critical paper:  River Thieves
                 Biographical essay:  Michael Crummey

Nov, 2013 - Critical paper:  Freaky Deaky
                 Biographical essay:  Elmore Leonard  

Dec, 2013 - Critical paper:  The Electra plays
                 Biographical essay:  Aeschylus, Euripedes and Sophocles  

Jan, 2014 - Critical paper:  Kafka on the Beach
                 Biographical essay:  Haruki Murakami   

Feb, 2014 - Critical paper:  Through Black Spruce
                 Biographical essay:  Joseph Boyden

Mar, 2014 - Critical paper: Tristram Shandy
                 Biographical essay:  Laurence Sterne

Apr, 2014 - Critical paper:  Independence Day
                 Biographical essay:  Richard Ford

May, 2014 - Critical paper:  Map of Glass
                 Biographical essay:  Jane Urquhart

Jun, 2014 - Critical paper:  Indian Summer
                 Biographical essay:  William Dean Howells


2012-2013 Archive

Oct, 2012 - Critical paper:  Saving Fish from Drowning
                 Biographical essay:  Amy Tan

Nov, 2012 - Critical paper:  The Quiet American
                 Biographical essay:  Graham Greene  

Dec, 2012 - Critical paper:  The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet
                 Biographical essay:  David Mitchell 

Jan, 2013 - Critical paper:  Howards End
                 Biographical essay:  E.M. Forster

Feb, 2013 - Critical paper:  The Metamorphosis
                 Biographical essay:  Franz Kafka

Mar, 2013 - Critical paper:  On the Road
                 Biographical essay: Jack Kerouac

Apr, 2013 - Critical paper:  Christ Stopped at Eboli
                 Biographical essay:  Carlo Levi

May, 2013 - Critical paper: Palace Walk
                 Biographical essay:  Naguib Mahfouz

Jun, 2013 - Critical paper:  Evening is the Whole Day
                 Biographical essay:  Freeta Samarasan

 2011-2012 Archive

Oct, 2011 - Critical paper: The Street of Crocodiles
                 Biographical essay:  Bruno Schulz

Nov, 2011 - Critical paper:  Fahrenheit 451
                 Biographical essay:  Ray Bradbury

Dec, 2011 - Critical paper:  Brooklyn
                 Biographical essay:  Colm Toibin

Jan, 2012 - Critical paper:  The Dwarf
                 Biographical essay:  Par Lagerkvist

Feb, 2012 - Critical paper:  The Star Diaries
                 Biographical essay:  Stanislaw Lem

Mar, 2012 - Critical paper:  The Gift of Rain
                 Biographical essay: Tan Twang Eng

Apr, 2012 - Critical paper:  The Death of Artemio Cruz
                 Biographical essay:  Carlos Fuentes

May, 2012 - Critical paper:  To Say Nothing of the Dog
                 Biographical essay:  Connie Willis

Jun, 2012 - Critical paper:  Parrot and Olivier in America
                 Biographical essay:  Peter Carey

 2010-2011 Archive

Oct, 2010 - Critical paper:  The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
                 Biographical essay:  Junot Diaz

Nov, 2010 - Critical paper:  The Magic Mountain
                 Biographical essay:  Thomas Mann

Dec, 2010 - Critical paper:  Wolf Hall
                 Biographical essay:  Hilary Mantel

Jan, 2011 - Critical paper:  The House of the Spirits
                 Biographical essay:  Isabel Allende

Feb, 2011 - Critical paper:  The Sound and the Fury
                 Biographical essay:  William Faulkner

Mar, 2011 - Critical paper:  The White Tiger
                 Biographical essay:  Aravind Adiga

Apr, 2011 - Critical paper:  One Hundred Years of Solitude
                 Biographical essay:  Gabriel Garcia Marquez

May, 2011 - Critical paper:  People of the Book
                 Biographical essay:  Geraldine Brooks

Jun, 2011 - Critical paper:  Barchester Towers
                 Biographical essay:  Anthony Trollope

2009-2010 Archive

Oct, 2009 - Critical paper: Angle of Repose
                 Biographical essay: Wallace Stegner

Nov, 2009 - Critical paper: Netherland
                 Biographical essay: Joseph O'Neill

Dec, 2009 - Critical paper: Life and Death are Wearing Me Out
                 Biographical essay: Mo Yan

Jan, 2010 - Critical paper: Memento Mori
                 Biographical essay: Muriel Spark

Feb, 2010 - Critical paper: Mr Sammler's Planet
                 Biographical essay: Saul Bellow

Mar, 2010 - Critical paper: The Way of All Flesh
                 Biographical essay: Samuel Butler

Apr, 2010 - Critical paper: The Reluctant Fundamentalist
                 Biographical essay: Mohsin Hamid

May, 2010 - Critical paper: The Picture of Dorian Gray
                 Biographical essay: Oscar Wilde

Jun, 2010 - Critical paper: Daniel Deronda
                 Biographical essay: George Eliot

2008-2009 Archive

Oct, 2008 - Critical paper: The Line of Beauty
                 Biographical essay: Alan Hollinghurst

Nov, 2008 - Critical paper: Martin Chuzzlewit
                 Biographical essay: Charles Dickens

Dec, 2008 - Critical paper: The Red and the Black
                 Biographical essay: Stendhal

Jan, 2009 - Critical paper: The Corrections
                 Biographical essay: Jonathan Franzen

Feb, 2009 - Critical paper: Lie Down in Darkness
                 Biographical essay: William Styron

Mar, 2009 - Critical paper: Ada, or Ardor
                 Biographical essay: Vladimir Nabokov

Apr, 2009 - Critical paper: The Doll
                 Biographical essay: Boleslaw Prus

May, 2009 - Critical paper: The Confederacy of Dunces
                 Biographical essay: John Kennedy Toole

Jun, 2009 - Critical paper: Suite Francaise
                 Biographical essay: Irene Nemirovsky

2007-2008 Archive

Oct, 2007 - Critical paper: All the King's Men
                 Biographical essay: Robert Penn Warren

Nov, 2007 - Critical paper: Candide
                 Biographical essay: Voltaire

Dec, 2007 - Critical paper: The Kite Runner
                 Biographical essay: Khaled Hosseini

Jan, 2008 - Critical paper: England, England
                 Biographical essay: Julian Barnes

Feb, 2008 - Critical paper: Women in Love
                 Biographical essay: D. H. Lawrence

Mar, 2008 - Critical paper: Loving
                 Biographical essay: Henry Green

Apr, 2008 - Critical paper: The Golden Apples
                 Biographical essay: Eudora Welty

May, 2008 - Critical paper: The Loved One
                 Biographical essay: Evelyn Waugh

Jun, 2008 - Critical paper: The Folded Leaf
                 Biographical essay: William Maxwell

2006-2007 Archive

Oct, 2006 - Critical paper: The Past Recaptured
                 Biographical essay: Marcel Proust

Nov, 2006 - Critical paper:  Oracle Night
                 Biographical essay: Paul Auster

Dec, 2006 - Critical paper:  Woman in the Dark
                 Biographical essay: Dashiell Hammett

Jan, 2007 - Critical paper: Moby-Dick
                 Biographical essay: Herman Melville

Feb, 2007 - Critical paper: The Education of Henry Adams
                 Biographical essay: Henry Adams

Mar, 2007 - Critical paper: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
                 Biographical essay: John le Carre

Apr, 2007 - Critical paper: The Fall
                 Biographical essay: Simon Mawer

May, 2007 - Critical paper: Snow
                 Biographical essay: Orhan Pamuk

Jun, 2007 - Critical paper: Small Death in Lisbon
                 Biographical essay: Robert Wilson

2005-2006 Archive

Oct, 2005 - Critical paper: The Fugitive
                 Biographical essay:  Marcel Proust

Nov, 2005 - Critical paper:  The Known World
                 Biographical essay: Edward P. Jones

Dec, 2005 - Critical paper:  To the Lighthouse
                 Biographical essay: Virginia Woolf

Jan, 2006 - Critical paper: Liquidation
                 Biographical essay: Imre Kertesz

Feb, 2006 - Critical paper: Bone by Bone
                 Biographical essay: Peter Matthiessen

Mar, 2006 - Critical paper: The Moon and the Bonfires
                 Biographical essay:  Cesare Pavese

Apr, 2006 - Critical paper: Virgin Soil
                 Biographical essay:  Ivan Turgenev

May, 2006 - Critical paper: The News from Paraguay
                 Biographical essay: Lily Tuck

Jun, 2006 - Critical paper: The Golden Notebook
                 Biographical essay:  Doris Lessing

2004-2005 Archive

Oct, 2004 - Critical paper:  The Captive
                 Biographical essay: Marcel Proust

Nov, 2004 - Critical paper: Staying On
                 Biographical essay: Paul Scott

Dec, 2004 - Critical paper: The Age of Innocence
                 Biographical essay: Edith Wharton

Jan, 2005 - Critical paper: True History of the Kelly Gang
                 Biographical essay: Peter Carey

Feb, 2005 - Critical paper: The Straight Man
                 Biographical essay: Richard Russo

Mar, 2005 - Critical paper: Middlesex
                 Biographical essay: Jeffrey Eugenides

Apr, 2005 - Critical paper: Moon Tiger
                 Biographical essay: Penelope Lively

May, 2005 - Critical paper: Regeneration
                 Biographical essay: Pat Barker

Jun, 2005 - Critical paper: Persuasion
                 Biographical essay: Jane Austen

2003-2004 Archive

Oct, 2003 - Critical paper: Vanity Fair
                 Biographical essay: W. Makepeace Thackeray

Nov, 2003 - Critical paper: Tender is the Night
                 Biographical essay: F. Scott Fitzgerald

Dec, 2003 - Critical paper: Embers
                 Biographical essay: Sandor Marai

Jan, 2004 - Critical paper: Coningsby
                 Biographical essay: Benjamin Disraeli

Feb, 2004 - Critical paper: I am a Cat
                 Biographical essay: Natsume Soseki

Mar, 2004 - Critical paper: The Marble Faun
                 Biographical essay: Nathaniel Hawthorne

Apr, 2004 - Critical paper: Cities of the Plains
                 Biographical essay: Marcel Proust

May, 2004 - Critical paper: Appointment in Samarra
                 Biographical essay: John O'Hara

Jun, 2004 - Critical paper: Notes from Underground
                 Biographical essay: Fedor Dostoevski

2002-2003 Archive

Oct, 2002 - Critical paper: Labyrinths
                 Biographical essay: Jorge Luis Borges

Nov, 2002 - Critical paper: The God of Small Things
                 Biographical essay: Arundhati Roy

Dec, 2002 - Critical paper: In a Budding Grove
                 Biographical essay: Marcel Proust

Jan, 2003 - Critical paper: Underworld
                 Biographical essay: Don DeLillo

Feb, 2003 - Critical paper: The Moor's Last Sigh
                 Biographical essay: Salman Rushdie

Mar, 2003 - Critical paper: The Secret Agent
                 Biographical essay: Joseph Conrad

Apr, 2003 - Critical paper: Things Fall Apart
                 Biographical essay: Chinua Achebe

May, 2003 - Critical paper: The House on the Lagoon
                 Biographical essay: Rosario Ferre

Jun, 2003 - Critical paper: The Bell
                 Biographical essay: Iris Murdoch

2001-2002 Archive

Oct, 2001 - Critical paper: White Teeth
                 Biographical essay: Zadie Smith

Nov, 2001 - Critical paper: The Bostonians
                 Biographical essay: Henry James

Dec, 2001 - Critical paper: Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon
                 Biographical essay: Jorge Amado

Jan, 2002 - Critical paper: The Sheltering Sky
                 Biographical essay: Paul Bowles

Feb, 2002 - Critical paper: Swann's Way
                 Biographical essay: Marcel Proust

Mar, 2002 - Critical paper: Light Years
                 Biographical essay: James Salter

Apr, 2002 - Critical paper: American Pastoral
                 Biographical essay: Philip Roth

May, 2002 - Critical paper: Memoirs of Hadrian
                 Biographical essay: Marguerite Yourcenar

Jun, 2002 - Critical paper: The Professor's House
                 Biographical essay: Willa Cather


2000-2001 Archive

Oct, 2000 - Critical paper: Bleak House
                 Biographical essay: Charles Dickens

Nov, 2000 - Critical paper: The Charterhouse of Parma
                 Biographical essay: Stendhal

Dec, 2000 - Critical paper: The Fountainhead
                 Biographical essay: Ayn Rand

Jan, 2001 - Critical paper: The Guermantes Way
                 Biographical essay: Marcel Proust

Feb, 2001 - Critical paper: The Man of Property
                 Biographical essay: John Galsworthy

Mar, 2001 - Critical paper: The Old Wives' Tale
                 Biographical essay: Arnold Bennett

Apr, 2001 - Critical paper: Headlong
                 Biographical essay: Michael Frayn

May, 2001 - Critical paper: Pale Fire
                 Biographical essay: Vladimir Nabokov

Jun, 2001 - Critical paper: A Way in the World
                 Biographical essay: V. S. Naipaul


1999-2000 Archive

Oct, 1999 - Critical paper: The Way We Live Now
                 Biographical essay: Anthony Trollope

Nov, 1999 - Critical paper: The Second Coming
                 Biographical essay: Walker Percy

Dec, 1999 - Critical paper: A Mixture of Frailties
                 Biographical essay: Robertson Davies

Jan, 2000 - Critical paper: The Reader
                 Biographical essay: Bernard Schlink

Feb, 2000 - Critical paper: Amsterdam
                 Biographical essay: Ian McEwan

Mar, 2000 - Critical paper: Travels with my Aunt
                 Biographical essay: Graham Greene

Apr, 2000 - Critical paper: Changing Places
                 Biographical essay: David Lodge

May, 2000 - Critical paper: The Inferno
                 Biographical essay: Dante

Jun, 2000 - Critical paper: Collected Stories
                 Biographical essay: Anton Chekhov


1998-1999 Archive

Oct, 1998 - Critical paper: The Statement
                 Biographical essay: Brian Moore

Nov, 1998 - Critical paper: Invitation to the Married Life
                 Biographical essay: Angela Huth

Dec, 1998 - Critical paper: The Odyssey
                 Biographical essay: Homer

Jan, 1999 - Critical paper: The First Man
                 Biographical essay: Albert Camus

Feb, 1999 - Critical paper: As I Lay Dying
                 Biographical essay: William Faulkner

Mar, 1999 - Critical paper: Le Divorce
                 Biographical essay: Diane Johnson

Apr, 1999 - Critical paper: Dreams of My Russian Summers
                 Biographical essay: Andrei Makin

May, 1999 - Critical paper: Gulliver's Travels
                 Biographical essay: Jonathan Swift

Jun, 1999 - Critical paper: Atticus
                 Biographical essay: Ron Hansen


1997-1998 Archive

Oct, 1997 - Critical paper: A Dead Man in Deptford
                 Biographical essay: Anthony Burgess

Nov, 1997 - Critical paper: The Invisible Man
                 Biographical essay: Ralph Ellison

Dec, 1997 - Critical paper: Master and Commander
                 Biographical essay: Patrick O'Brian

Jan, 1998 - Critical paper: The Moonstone
                 Biographical essay: Wilkie Collins

Feb, 1998 - Critical paper: New Grub Street
                 Biographical essay: George Gissing

Mar, 1998 - Critical paper: The Big Sleep
                 Biographical essay: Raymond Chandler

Apr, 1998 - Critical paper: The Daughter of Time
                 Biographical essay: Josephine Tey

May, 1998 - Critical paper: Snow Falling on Cedars
                 Biographical essay: David Guterson

Jun, 1998 - Critical paper: The Egoist
                 Biographical essay: George Meredith


Archive of Earlier Papers

Mar, 1996 - Critical paper: In the Lake of the Woods
                 Biographical essay: Tim O'Brien

Apr, 1996 - Critical paper: Wind, Sand and Stars 
                 Biographical essay:  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Feb, 1994 - Critical paper: The Golden Spur
                 Biographical essay: Dawn  Powell